How Often Should I Change My Regulator And Hose?

04th Apr 2016

Hoses and regulators are one of the most important parts of a gas installation, not only as they are required for your equipment to work, but they are responsible for regulating gas pressure and transporting it to your equipment.

Therefore, to avoid potential safety hazards when using gas equipment, they should be routinely inspected or tested.


Gas regulators should be replaced every 10 years, visual signs of age are usually noticeable.

But there is always the date of manufacture stamped into the body of the regulator. The picture below, shows this regulator was manufcatured in 1996.


Gas regulators have sensitive internal mechanisms, so to avert damage you should avoid dropping them onto the ground. To further increase your regulators lifespan, it is advised to keep it protected from the elements.


Even if your LPG hose looks in good condition, it should be replaced every 5 years, as it is impossible to see internal stress and damage. To check the date of manufacture, look at the body of the hose.


It is advised to carry out a visual inspection of your gas hose every so often for signs of brittleness, cracks and cuts.

Demanding operating conditions can also reduce a hose’s lifespan, so you should avoid dragging gas tubing along the ground and keep it away from direct sunlight.

When purchasing gas hosing, ensure it is manufactured to BS EN ISO 9000. BS3212 or BSEN1763.

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