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06th Feb 2017

Butane Regulators

Part Number Description Price
REG28MB4.5 4.5KG 28mbar Butane Regulator £6.49
REGBUTCLIPON 21mm Clip-On Butane Regulator £7.49
REGCAMPINGAZ Campingaz Butane Regulator £6.99



Propane Regulators

Part Number Description Price
REG37MBAR 37mbar 1KG/H Propane Regulator £7.49
REGLOWPRES Low Pressure 50mbar 1KG/H Propane Regulator £7.30
REGLOWPRESPR Low Pressure 37mbar 4KG/H Propane Regulator £14.99



High Pressure Propane Regulators

Part Number Description Price
REGHIGHCAP10 High Capacity 10KG/H 37mbar Propane Regulator £26.99
REGHIGHPRES0 High Pressure 0.5-2 Bar 10KG/H Regulator £14.99
REGHIGHPRES1 High Pressure 1 Bar 10KG/H Regulator £13.99
REGHIGHPRES4 High Pressure 0.5-4 Bar 10KG/H Regulator £15.00
REGHIGHPRES8 High Pressure 2.5-16 Bar 2-8KG/H Regulator £14.99
REGHIGHPRESG High Pressure 0.5-2 Bar Regulator w/Gauge £19.99



automatic Changeover Device

Part Number Description Price
REGACOD2 2 Cylinder ACOD Changeover Valve Budget £54.99
REGACODCONT4 4 Cylinder ACOD w/Opso - Continental £119.95
REGACODCONTI 2 Cylinder ACOD w/Opso - Continental £99.95
REGMANCHNGOV Mnaual Changeover Regulator 4KG/H £46.99
REGWALLMOUN4 Wall Mounted 37mbar 4KG/H Propane Regulator £26.99



Crimp and Jubilee Clips

Part Number Description Price
FITJUBCLIP Jubilee Clip £0.70
FITCRIMP4.8 Crimp Clip For 4.8mm Hose £0.49
FITCRIMP63 Crimp Clip For 6.3mm Hose £0.49
FITCRIMP8.0 Crimp Clip For 8.3mm Hose £0.49
FITCRIMP10.0 Crimp Clip For 10mm Hose £0.49




Part Number Description Price
FITTPIECE8MM 8mm Nozzle T-Piece £2.99
FITTPIECEPOL Pol x Pol Extended T-Piece £11.99
FITTPIECEW20 ACOD T-Piece W20 x W20 w/None Return Valves £9.75



Hoses & Pigtails

Part Number Description Price
HOSASSSTPOL Hose Assembly STPOL x STPOL 20" Pigtail £10.99
HOSASSSTPOL3 Hose Assembly STPOL x STPOL 35" Pigtail £11.99
HOSASSW2020 Hose Assembly STPOL x W20 20" Pigtail £10.99
HOSASSW2030 Hose Assembly STPOL x W20 35" Pigtail £11.99
HOSELPG4 4.8mm High Pressure Hose £2.65
HOSELPG6 6.3mm High Pressure Hose £2.65
HOSELPG8 8.3mm High Pressure Hose £2.65



Hose Fittings

Part Number Description Price
FIT1/2X15COM 1/2" BSP x 15mm Compression £3.95
FIT3/8X15COM 3/8" BSP x 15mm Compression £3.95
FIT1/4BSPTX4 1/4" BSP x 4.8mm Nozzle £3.99
FIT1/4BSPTX6 1/4" BSP x 6mm Nozzle £3.99
FIT1/4BSPTX8 1/4" BSP x 8mm Nozzle £3.99
FIT3/8BSPTX8 3/8" BSP x 8mm Nozzle £3.99
FIT1/2BSPTX8 1/2" BSP x 8mm Nozzle £3.49
FIT1/2X8MMFE 1/2" BSP Female x 8mm Nozzle £2.95
FIT1/4X8MMFE 1/4" BSP Female x 8mm Nozzle £5.95
FIT3/8X8MMFE 3/8" BSP Female x 8mm Nozzle £3.95
FITQUICKRLS Quick Release Coupling 10mm x 10mm £9.99

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