Connecting Regulators - Snap-on Butane

21st Jan 2016

How to connect a snap-on butane regulator

The CALOR range of Butane gas cylinders feature a 21mm valve fittting. If you're unsure of compatibility, check the underside of your regulator for the diameter of the fitting.

Step 1

Turn the orange safety cap towards the centre of the gap in the shroud. Pull on the black lanyard to remove the orange cap.

Step 2

Once you have removed the orange cap, check to see that the black washer is fitted inside the cylinder valve.

Step 3

Before connecting the regulator, ensure the regulator switch is in the disconnect position.

Step 4

Place the regulator on top of the cylinder valve and push down firmly until you hear a click.

Step 5

When you need to use the gas, turn the switch anti-clockwise to the 'on' position.

We strongly advise that when fitting any gas regulator that you should follow the manufacturers instructions. Most snap-on regulators operate much the same, however the various designs are wide ranging. When you're finished using your appliance, reverse Step 5 to stop the flow of gas.

Note: If you find that the on/off switch requires excessive force when turning the supply on, you may need to repeat Steps 1 to 5 as the regulator may be incorrectly fitted.

How to Disconnect a snap-on butane regulator

Step 1

Make sure your gas appliance is fully switched off. Before disconnecting your regulator, please ensure that your regulator is in the off position, you can do this by turning the on/off switch clockwise.

Step 2

Push the on/off switch in against the body of the regulator, this will unhook the regulator which you can simply lift off.


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