Connecting Regulators - Propane Cylinders

21st Jan 2016

How to connect a Propane Regulator

Step 1

Before connecting your regulator, ensure that the valve hand wheel is closed by turning clockwise.

Step 2

Remove the protective plug by unscrewing clockwise.

Step 3

Check the bullnose connection on the regulator for any visible damage before connecting to the cylinder.

Step 4

Place the regulator on the cylinder connection and hand tighten by turning anti-clockwise.

Step 5

Tighten firmly using a gas spanner (or an adjustable spanner), continuing in an anti-clockwise direction.

Simply turn the valve hand wheel anti-clockwise when you need to start the flow of gas. Ensure that you turn the cylinder off when not in use.

How to Disconnect a Propane Regulator

Step 1

Except when using an ACOD (Automatic Changeover Device - pictured below), turn the valve wheel clockwise. Wait until the burner and pilot lights have gone out before commencing step 2. Never remove the regulator when the bottle valve is open.

Step 2

Disconnect the regulator using a spanner, by turning clockwise.


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