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21st Jan 2016

How to connect a snap-on patio gas regulator

The 5kg and 13kg Patio gas cylinders avaiable from CALOR feature a 27mm valve fitting. 99% of modern barbecues and patio heaters will be supplied with a 27mm snap-on regulator, however you can always double check the underside of your regulator for compatibility.

Step 1

Pull the yellow safety cap off the cylinder valve by lifting upwards.

Step 2

Before connecting the regulator, make sure that it's switch is in the off position.

Step 3

Put the regulator over the cylinder valve and push down until you hear it click.

Step 4

When you need to use the gas, turn the switch anti-clockwise to the 'on' position.

Please follow the maunfacturers instructions when fitting any gas regulator. Although most regulators work in a similar fashion, the designs do vary. When you finish using your appliance, reverse Step 4  to stop the flow of gas.

Note: If you find that the on/off switch gets stuck when turning, the regulator may be incorrectly fitted. Repeat Steps 1 through 4.

How to Disconnect a snap-on patio gas regulator

Step 1

Turn off your gas appliance before disconnecting your regulator and ensure that the regulator is in the 'off' position. This can be acheived by turning the switch anti-clockwise.

Step 2

Push the on/off switch in against the regulator, this will unhook the regulator which you can simply lift off.

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