Connecting Regulators - 4.5kg Butane

21st Jan 2016

How to connect a 4.5kg Butane Regulator

Step 1

Before connecting your regulator, ensure that the valve hand wheel is closed by turning clockwise.

Step 2

Remove the protective cap by unscrewing clockwise.

Step 3

Make sure the black sealing washer is undamaged and free from contamination, before connecting.

Step 4

Place the regulator on the cylinder connection and hand tighten by turning anti-clockwise.

Step 5

Tighten firmly using a gas spanner (or an adjustable spanner), continuing in an anti-clockwise direction.

Whenever you need to use the gas, simply turn the valve hand wheel anti-clockwise. Make sure that you turn the cylinder off when not in use.

How to Disconnect a 4.5kg Butane Regulator

Step 1

Turn the valve wheel clockwise and ensure that any appliances with a naked flame are switched off. Never disconnect the regulator when the cylinder valve is open.

Step 2

Using a spanner, disconnect the regulator by turning clockwise. Return to your local CALOR gas dealer for re-filling.

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