Ultra Hobbyweld 15

A specially formulated Argon, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen gas mix (often referred to as a tri-mix or argon shield) which can be used in a number of welding positions. The name comes from the 15% carbon dioxide content; the extra CO2 gives this gas the capability of MIG welding carbon steels up to 18mm in thickness. Welders will experience good arc stability and a broad heat which is due in part to the 2% oxygen content. The combined benefits of good welding performance and minimal spatter make it very popular among the agricultural, on-site and mobile welding market. The wide operating range makes Hobbyweld 15 the best choice for structural steel work, medium gauge plate and general fabrication.

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Technical Specifications

Gas Pressure300 bar / 4350 psi

Gas Capacity6.46 cubic metres

Water Capacity20 litres

Gas Mix83% Argon / 15% Carbon Dioxide / 2% Oxygen

Cylinder FittingEN 561 Quick-Action

Suited MaterialCarbon Steel

Max Weld Depth18mm

Optimum Range5mm to 12mm

Cylinder Height1035mm

Cylinder Diameter204mm

Cylinder Weight45kg

Part No.HWUMIX15

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