Original Nitrogen

A popular purging gas bought by refrigeration engineers and vehicle air contitioning firms. Just like carbon dioxide, nitrogen has a number of uses, such as; food preservation, wine propelling and is even used in many lightbulbs. Nitrogen is also used frequently to provide balloon drops as an alternative to compresses air. It has gained popularity in recent years from amateur racing clubs for inflating tyres and is often supplied when you're getting your tyres changed on your car. Many customers ask us for the purity level of our gas, we can confirm that our nitrogen has a 99.995% purity (often referred to as '4.5 grade') and is free from any oxygen. Our rent free gas cylinder is compact, lightweight and is perfect for on-site work.

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Technical Specifications

Gas Pressure137 bar / 1987 psi

Gas Capacity1.32 cubic metres

Water Capacity9 litres

Gas Mix99.995% Nitrogen

Cylinder FittingBS 341 No. 3 - G 5/8" BSP RH Female

Cylinder Height840mm

Cylinder Diameter140mm


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